Scorpio Blood Type A

eruption of volcano during dawn
Photo by Pete Johnson on

Their passion and focus can be compared to that of a volcano.

In the dormant stage, they are slowly pulling you into their thrall. They are careful and precise in showing their affection. Air Moons and Risings have the most difficulty. They love to research and plan the perfect correct path to your soul. Then, they begin testing their muse. You’ll find yourself in their company for days on end. They expose you to their inner world in a series of vaccinations, waiting for your negative reaction.

Expressiveness only happens in safe spaces. First, it feels like a surreal experience accompanying with an afterglow that gets you higher than any drug could. You’ll begin to wonder if it really happened. Scorpio will act as if it never happened. Remember, if you choose to bring it up, make sure you’re honest and non-confrontational about it. The louder you are, the scarier you appear, and then they’ll strike in defense. The safest method of communication is anything without eye contact (texting, phone calls, emails, etc). However, the conversation doesn’t end, it continues in person.

If you’re worried about offending them, you’ll be fine. Scorpio’s list of pet peeves is short. However, if you seek to consult that list, Scorpio will keep you out of heaven.

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Deep intimacy feels like abundance to me. My confidence is boosted by the company I keep. Count your orgasms, not your calories.

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